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The World of AracKhan

The Tree of Life, AracKhan's creator and protector envisioned a fair and just world, a world of peace and respect. A world he thought to be perfect.

But one day this mighty and ancient tree fell mysteriously ill and his harmonious creation became a land on strife. AracKhan was being corrupted by an insidious and powerful Evil . The land became barren, the people deceitful and hostile. Yet these events had been fortold...But skilfully concealed.

Lift the veil on this ominous fate through the Spoken Legend, the Forbidden Book and many other extraordinary artefacts.


Welcome to AracKhan!

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Our Creations

The kingdom of the Whitelands, under the protection of Davinela is metling away. Her only hope to save her people is to find the mysterious child mentionned in the Forbidden Book...

Immersive audio books (OdioFilms), Music... everything you will need to travel to the Mythical land of AracKhan!

Games : AracKhan Wars

the Strategic Card Game

Defy your opponent on the battlefield in an epic duel!! Take control of one of the four provinces of the fantasy world of AracKhan and defend your color proudly.

Lead the assault with your faction, cast spells, cunningly place you cards and undo your opponent's plans. Your skills as a strategist will matter as much as the value of your cards.



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