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Press play, close your eyes and dive deep into the most immersive experience imaginable . You will be swept away by the narrator and the actors playing the characters. This epic adventure is brought to life by a combination of riveting sound design and breathtaking symphonic music, you will feel like your in the characters' shoes. Only one last thing to do: to imagine.

All the characters of AracKhan are voiced by actors. Weather it be the smallest of ice fairies, Dame Trude the witch, or Baldir the dark emissary. They will come to life in your mind and send you on a journey you will never forget.

Every scene is expertly crafted. Be it the sound of footsteps or the friction of fabric when a character is running. This attention to detail will give you all the necessary information your mind needs to process the scene. Sound design amplifies the experience and shatters the barrier between you and the world of AracKhan.



audio cinema

Dive into the heart of an immersive audio story and let your imagination give life to it.


OdioFilms Excerpts

This OdioFilm excerpt is a gateway to a fantasy world. It displays acousitc modelling. The acting, the orchestration and the spacialization place you at the heart of the scene. For this very reason, we recommend you put headphones on in order to witness the depth of each scene.

Press play, and close your eyes.



The Story

Troubled times have befallen AracKhan. To the north, the snows are melting; To the west, the trees are dying and little by little, the forest is engulfed by a foul swamp; In the centre, the soil, once so fertile and rich, has become dry and barren. For the first time in the history of man, the Tree of Life is losing its sacred leaves. Nature seems to be sounding a cry of alarm that is ignored by everyone. Everyone except Tim and Elias, two courageous young brothers.


Unbeknownst to them, the pair have been chosen by the Forbidden Book, An ancestral text containing thousands of years of knowledge that has been forgotten in the mists of time. Certain ill-intentioned souls have done their best to erase the book from common memory for amongst its pages lies a dark secret… A secret that surpasses the limits of the mortal world, A secret pertaining to forces of which only a few people know the existence, A secret capable of changing the world forever… Welcome to AracKhan!



OdioFIlms - The Blue Series

only available in French - Coming soon in English