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The Blue Symphony is a musical invitation to discover a part of the world of AracKhan: the Icy Whitelands and its mysterious inhabitants. Close your eyes and travel through the White Gates to the north of AracKhan, fly above the Whiteland's frozen plains, across tall and twisted icy peaks to the mighty fortress of Arazil. You will make the aquaintance of its Queen and learn of her tragic story. You will also meet her dearest friend and confidant: Adrielle, the ice fairy; the Paladins of the Guard and their leader Gabriel, faithful protector of Davinela. A ride on the back of Igvaard, the majectic griffin, will convince you of the eerie yet deadly beauty of the Whitelands and her people. This ethereal voyage is a way of discovering a part of the story arc of AracKhan, we hope it will stimulate your imagination and incite you to want to learn more...

Album - AracKhan : The Blue Symphony

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