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The Forbidden Book is the first episode of the legend of Arackhan in OdioFilm. Here is the situation: troubled times have befallen AracKhan. An inexplicable evil is causing the melting of the eternal snows, poisoning the rivers and turning the lush forests into foul swamps. Even The Tree of Life, AracKhan's creator, is falling ill...In total indifference. The world is on the verge of falling into an era of chaos and no one seems to take notice. Experience the fantasy saga of AracKhan in OdioFilm, our exclusive format that puts you at the heart of the action, in 3D audio scenes. You will feel the movement of the characters, and creatures passing by you. The orchestral music will heighten your emotions, your imagination will do the rest. Beginning of the episode: two curious borthers, Tim & Elias, are on a quest to find Dame Trude the witch. In the depths of the swamps of Myrkur they will uncover a dark secret. What lies in these dark parts? On the other side of AracKhan, the Ice Queen is trying to protect her fragile kingdom. How big is the threat that AracKhan is facing? Leave a message.

AracKhan OdioFilm 1 - The Forbidden Book

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  • High Quality 320 kbps MP3 no DRM

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